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Nekoosa Holdings, Inc. Installs ITS Corporate Communications Display System

Displays Help Productivity Stay on Track; KPIs, Company Announcements Keep Manufacturing Teams Informed and on Target

October 8, 2015

Industrial Television Services (ITS) announced that Nekoosa Holdings, Inc. installed its Corporate Communications Display System throughout its 3-building manufacturing facilities. The ITS system displays real-time productivity, materials and KPI metrics to help Nekoosa’s manufacturing teams achieve goals. ITS designs, delivers, and supports easy-to-use digital signage solutions that transform the way clients do business. Click here to request information on ITS solutions.

“The information ITS gives our manufacturing teams helps keep them on task and on budget,” said Mike Pasquarelli, Nekoosa Holdings, Inc.’s senior systems administrator. Nekoosa is an expanding manufacturing firm with 4 companies and multiple facilities. “We installed ITS’ Corporate Communications Display System to visibly communicate production metrics and company information to our manufacturing teams throughout our shop floor areas in 3 buildings. The system shows our teams metrics on their manufacturing progress, products, and material use in real time to keep our output and deliverables on schedule.”

ITS designed Nekoosa’s corporate display system, customized the software and graphics, and implemented multiple display sites from a central location for flexibility and ease of use. The ITS displays draw data from Nekoosa’s central SQL manufacturing database and formats it for clear communication to company staff.

Nekoosa Holdings, Inc. operates RTape, CET Films, Nekoosa Coated Products, and Main Tape. Headquartered in Nekoosa, Wisconsin, Nekoosa Holdings, Inc. is known for 45 years of innovation and more recently for an expanding line of specialty products that include industrial and specialty films, tapes and coatings.

“We use 10 ITS displays throughout 3 buildings and will add 8 more displays in our newest building,” Pasquarelli said, “The ITS system has definitely proved its value since we installed it.” The system’s displayed metrics are automatically updated from our SQL database in real time and controlled by a production manager. In addition to production data, Nekoosa announces company meetings, provides human resources information and other information to its teams.

“It is a pleasure working the Mike and the Nekoosa team,” said Scott Triphahn, ITS vice president. “Nekoosa’s professionalism and leadership in its fields enabled us to design and deploy a customized solution in a relatively short period of time. The ITS solution we deployed is robust and easily configurable. Most digital signage systems are complex with a fairly steep learning curve. ITS made it fast and simple for Nekoosa to use. We had the in-house expertise to understand Nekoosa’s requirements and convert them to effective visual messaging.”