KPI & Metrics Displays

Empower your workforce

KPI & Metrics Displays allow you to drive employee engagement by providing real-time data and insight.

Define and measure progress towards company initiatives. Spot and address problems as they happen, before they become larger problems. Align your workforce to meet goals, and improve the production quality, speed, and overall efficiency of your operation. Most importantly, maintain a safe working environment for your team.

Display All Measures Critical For Success

  • KPI’s and metrics are displayed in real-time
  • Ability to integrate with in-house software and equipment
  • Customization available to optimize visual progress towards company initiatives

Motivate Your Workforce

  • Recognize areas of high performance and achievement
  • Identify the accomplishments of shifts and team members
  • Improve morale, productivity, and internal communication

Real-Time Course Correction

  • Identify problems as they happen, preventing larger issues
  • Discrepancies and low performance are highlighted to attract attention
  • Align your workface to address and resolve problems

Promote Safety Awareness

  • Monitor how many days your location has been incident-free
  • Foster a safe working environment through safety reminders and messages
  • Prevent accidents in the workplace by keeping safe practices on top of the mind
  • Enhance emergency preparedness and provide direction during undesirable circumstances

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Our KPI digital signage is the perfect solution to increase results in manufacturing, sales, and corporate communications — among many other applications.

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