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Taking the complexity out of digital signage, Industrial Television Services (ITS)
delivers intuitive, custom-tailored display solutions.

Discover how decades of experience separates ITS from other digital display companies.

Beginning in 1960, our display technology was originally developed in partnership with the airlines to provide flight information identical to that showing on the monitors in airports. Since then, we’ve grown immensely, with our real-time information displays now featured in hotels, convention centers, fortune 500 companies, and numerous other markets. Our unique cloud technology gives us great versatility in our work, allowing us to suit a variety of needs. No matter the industry, any business can benefit from our vision systems.

What makes us different?

Leaders in Real-Time Information Displays

From our early roots in airline flight information, we have gained the expertise and resources to manage and display large quantities of information in real-time. As many have discovered, the possibilities are endless. Some of our applications today include flight status updates, shipment tracking, KPI displays, and efficient event monitoring.

Come to us with your ideas, and we’ll be happy to make them happen.

Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Part of having an efficient digital signage network is making sure your displays are not only readable but also serve as an attractive asset to your business and location. We take great pride in ensuring each of our clients sees their vision come to life in our projects.

At ITS, we care about the little details and believe everyone should receive a tailored solution, not a carbon copy.

Digital Signage Made Simple

We go beyond the business model of a traditional digital signage software company. At ITS, we believe digital signage should be accessible and manageable for everyone, not just your IT guy. Rather than overwhelming our clients with unnecessary complexity, our software is developed in unison with each project.

This means we give you all the tools you need (and nothing you don’t), saving your business valuable time and resources.


Executive Summary: Since 1960, Industrial Television Services (ITS) has designed, engineered, installed, and supported complete digital signage systems for airports, hotels, corporations, and related businesses.

Being the vender of choice for major airlines and airports, ITS enjoyed an excellent reputation in the air transport industry. So much, in fact, ITS expanded to create the Flyte Systems Division in 2006. Flyte Systems product suite builds upon ITS’s 49-year history as the provider of real time flight information to airports, airlines, government agencies, port authorities and others.

Our diverse workforce at ITS & Flyte Systems includes experienced hardware and software engineers, certified system architects, network engineers, project managers, installation / support / repair / help desk technicians, sales and administrative staff – experienced people committed to working together, learning, improving their skills and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our focus is to provide you with the best products and services through ongoing R&D, diligent design engineering, disciplined project execution and consistent system support. We work directly with end-users and partner with manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and system integrators.

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